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Kelcie Howren

Fiber Artist

Kelcie is a native Houstonian with a degree in Advertising and Art History. The path easily led her to pursuing a career in art. She creates and sells original, commissioned pieces, and teaches workshops. "Mother Nature is my ultimate muse and I find myself constantly gravitating towards natural colors and textures, and applying it in my art. “

WHY THE Wildthings

To put it simply, one word, spontaneity. Spontaneity saturates the art Kelcie creates and "The Wildthings" allow her the freedom to continue her art exploration across many mediums and styles.

She keeps it wild through her constant evolution and variety of mediums and subject matter. Fascinated by the world surrounding, Kelcie is on an art journey inspired by nature’s colors, textures, fibers, and shapes.

She is currently manipulating tinted resin, using different natural materials like organic fibers and wood, as well as tossing paint around the canvas.

Kelcie is fluid with the mediums that she works with and by constantly evolving and changing what she use to create her art. She lets go and dives into the wild side of herself. This constant exploration of her wild side and being free to start a piece with little to no plan, is an aspect of her process that she is immensly grateful for and enjoys everytime she begins and completes a piece. Coming from a place of spontaneity, she feels infuses her art with a greater sense of authenticity and presence by continuously being in the eternal now moment.

Kelcie Howren’s creativity transcends traditional studio art by way of culinary and graphic design. She is the chief food creator at Manner House Tea Room on Stork’s Rest Farm as well as their marketing director and web designer.

As the resident of artist of Horse Barn Studios on Stork’s Rest Farm, Kelcie not only creates original works of art but hosts group workshops in the studio where you can create your own piece of artwork. Group and private workshops are available and break down with a guided meditation/purpose setting for your piece, a tool and material safety lesson, brief color theory lesson, step-by-step instruction on artwork creation, and drinks and light bites.

KELCIE & The Wildthings was born through the path of self-love. After years of indecision, insecurity of what she wanted to do, and what path she should choose to commit to, she decided to throw caution to the wind and in her true non-confirmist spirit she owned this aspect of herself and Kelcie & The Wildthings came into being. She often jokes about the moment you try and put her in a box she will burst of it with a bang and a roar of laughter!


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