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President - Susan Webb


Christopher "Krs" Woodard


Treasurer - Martha Ford


Secretary - Carola Jones

WAAA's mission is a simple one.


Wilson Active Artist Association is an organization that seeks to create, promote, and support an interest in the visual arts through communication and the exchange of artistic ideas; to serve as a meeting place for artists; to furnish workshops in various art fields and mediums; to encourage participation in exhibits in Wilson and other areas.

Wilson Active Artist Association is a long loved artistic organization that has been established in Wilson, North Carolina since 1965. 

WAAA was founded by a group of eight Wilsonians that despite their differences from everyday life and work, they had one big theme in common, ART. This group gathered for the first time in April of 1965 due to their love for the arts and to formally discuss the founding of this organization with the mission to help promote an interest in art in Wilson.

Interest in art soon spread throughout Wilson. As more exhibitions started popping up and more opportunities to showcase art became available, more and more citizens were exposed to all different styles of art. This exposure led to citizens seeking more knowledge of art and helped to pave the way for more art education in the Wilson community. This increase in art awareness and interest led to more participation and innovation in Wilson. Art was now being shown and experienced outside of traditional art gallery spaces and soon the Art's Council of Wilson, a close partner of the Wilson Active Artists Association, was started. 

Art now has become synonymous with Wilson, North Carolina. With new artists constantly budding, established artists continually creating, and community members engaging and participating, the Wilson art scene is alive and thriving!

Throughout the years since WAAA's founding, there have been countless changes both in and around Wilson and the rest of the world but one thing has remained, a love for art and gathering to share that love.


Wilson Active Artists Association has continued to live up to its mission. With the passing of time and members coming and going, WAAA has and will remain an art organization serving as a common space for visual arts from creation to promotion and from support to the exchange of ideas. 

We are a non-profit organization that is led by our members!


We love to maintain transparency by encouraging our current and potential new members to familiarize themselves with the way we operate through our bylaws. 

Below is our "not-so fine print" fine print  of sorts, where you can find all things Wilson Active Artists Association. 


This is the go to place to find WAAA information on topics such as Membership, Dues, our Officer duties and responsibilities, and Committee information.


For the emerging and professional artist there are countless benefits in becoming a member of the Wilson Active Artists Association but to name a few....


Our next meeting is Saturday, June 26, 2021.  Time and place to be announced. Join us for an opportunity to connect, communicate and collaborate with fellow artists.  We will have a workshop on Instragram for Promoting Art Work.


WAAA has created an environment where artists can share ideas through teaching, sharing, and learning. We frequently have a featured artist who shares a few pieces of art, discusses personal experiences, methods, and medium preferences.


Through opportunities such as networking, showcasing your business, commissions, group art shows, local exposure, volunteering, workshops and much more.

Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 7.39.18 AM.png


We welcome you to join the WAAA at any time, by signing up and paying annual dues online or printing, filling out the form, and mailing it in with your payment.


Come Join Us! We LOVE to see new faces!

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